Tithing & Giving


From Deuteronomy 14


  1. There needs to be a tenth from all your produ

    ce. :22.

  2. There must be a worship celebration before the LORD where you enjoy by consumption the tithe of your produce.
  3. If the tithe cannot be transported to the location of the worship celebration to the LORD, it is to be sold for money, and the money used to purchase whatever you and your household need for the celebration, once you arrive.
    1. The tithe was for the enablement of the believers to properly worship their God the LORD.
    2. The tithe was to be used for “whatever your heart desires” so that there could be great “rejoicing” before the presence of the LORD.
  4. The Levites, not having a land inheritance –possession, must be supported by a portion of this tithe, as well. In the context, it seems that a land inheritance-possession is the means by which the people were enabled to produce wealth and sustenance. The Levites had no such inheritance and were thus not able to produce a normal living, but were dependent on the economic rules in Israel for their living and sustenance.
    1. The tithe was to be used by the one who produced it.
    2. The Levite was not to be forgotten by the producers of the tithe.
  5. A third of the tithe must be reserved for giving to the Levites who live close to you, and to the alien, the orphan, and the widow who live in your town so that they all can be sustained. Adherence to this will insure the LORD’s blessing on all you do.
  6. It is clear that the Levitical Priesthood and its ministry have passed away, having been replaced forever by the order of Melchizedek. See Hebrews 7-10. The principles of giving, however, have not passed away because even though we do not see tithing after Malachi, we see much teaching in the New Testament on giving.
    1. The early Church was sustained through the Holy Spirit anointed giving of its members. Acts 2:41-47; 4:32-37.
    2. The early teachings of the Apostles reconfirmed God’s will to take care of orphans, widows, the poor among them, and the saints in general who are in need. See James 1:27, 2:16; 2Cor. 8-9;
    3. Those who serve the church through the work of the gospel have the right of support from the church, though it does not always need to be exercised. 1Cor.9:1-18.

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Moving In and Prayer Meeting Wednesday, August 1

For: Caleb Hughes
Where: Caleb’s House, Address: 316 46th St. Columbus,GA 31904
When: Wednesday August 1st at 5:30 pm

Before 5:30pm Caleb needs help moving bigger pieces of furniture and other large items. If you can help with this please call

him, 706.570.2888

Starting at 5:30 pm we will unpack and then have a light dinner at 6:00 pm.
After dinner we’ll have some prayer time.

Please bring your own chair.

Addie: Chicken Pasta Salad
Pam: Green Salad and Dressings
Abby: Drinks and Ice
Hughes: Paper Products

STILL NEEDED: Dessert, anything but chocolate! (Carpet will have just been cleaned)
Bread, rolls,…etc ready to eat

Directions from JR Allen Parkway:
From the 2nd Avenue exit take 1st left (Manchester Expressway).
Take first left onto 3rd Avenue.
Turn right at 1st stop sign.
Caleb’s house is the 3rd or 4th house on the right.

If you have any questions please contact: Ellie Grace 706.987.3742 or Caleb 706.570.2888